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auto reverse osmosis system

product id: lts ro-160, lts ro-260, lts ro-360, lts ro-460, lts ro-560, lts ro-660

funnction: remove dirt,cloolid, suspended substances, oraganisms, heavy metals, dissolved solid, bacteria virus etc and keep only pure water with oxygen through.

  • technical information:
    • electricity: 220v/50hz
    • wattage: 32w x 4 = 128w
    • production: 400g
    • water pressure: 0.1~0.3mpa
    • range of temperature: 5~40°c
    • size: 660 x 340 x 870cm
contact detail
contact:stephen liu
address:7f, no. 21, lane 248, sec. 4, chung hsiao east. rd., taipei, taiwan